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Modelling Opportunities – Equal Opportunities in the Work Place

There is a casting agency based on Bristol who are working with a national bank on new material for equal opportunities within the work place. We have a variety of people from all different backgrounds, young and old and we are looking for people with a disability who would be happy to have their photograph taken.

The shoot is going to take place in Bristol for one day the week commencing 9th November and it would be a full day of 8 hours with breaks. They are photographing 20 people in total over the week. The fee to them would be £200 plus travel expenses each. The images would only be used internally for the bank. The bank would be looking for people who use a guide dog, use a hearing aid, walk with a stick, and amputees or people of varying age with any visible disability. We are looking for 10 people in total, however if more want to apply we do get vary amount of work for the same ideals, so more would be welcome.

We would need to get and up to date photo of anyone who is interested, or alternatively they can come into the office here and we can take a photo here and have a chat about the project.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if anyone who is interested wants to give me a call on the number below they are more than welcome.

Thank you again for your time.

Kind Regards,


Mustard Models
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tel: 0117 903 0327
fax: 0117 903 0328


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