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Brand New BBC Series 'Teen Taxi'

Hi there!

I am currently casting for a brand new BBC show (working title) ‘Teen Taxi’.

Rarely parents get the opportunity to connect with their kids having to compete with technology, selfies and Snapchat!
But there is one place where no one can escape - the family car!

In this exciting new series we aim to explore the relationships between parents and teens from all walks of life in all different directions - from dropping them off at sports club, social events, and even to their first prom.

We would like to make the programme representative of all communities, and inclusive of both able-bodied people and people living with disabilities.
If you think this is something you would be interested in? Please do send us a message to our casting email -

Or could you help us spread the word by circulating our flyer - perhaps via your intranet, a newsletter or social media?

Please note all info you provide during the casting process will be processed in accordance with data protection laws and with Dragonfly’s privacy policy.
*Families applying must own a car and have at least one child aged 15+.

Many thanks
Teen Taxi Casting Team

Download the flyer for additional information (opens in a new window).

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